Graduation time


It’s that time of year again…….graduation.  My youngest will be graduating from high school tomorrow. Wow! How is that even possible?!?!

Of course I’ve left everything to the last minute and am now in need of quick teacher thank-yous for a few of the teachers/staff at the school.  Zach is the youngest of four.  All of the kids graduated from the same high school and I wanted to give a small something to those teachers that had all of my kiddos in their classrooms through the years.

Desperately searching the internet for a creative idea I came across this


It’s a ‘starbucks’ that is extra special. The pdf for the printable sleeve can be found here.  This really is such a cute idea. I was going to get the teachers a gift card for the local shopping mall. You know one of those cards that can be used at any store there. When I saw this idea I decided to also get a starbucks gift card and put both in each cup.


I already had the plain white cups and the lids at the house. If you don’t have these, I’m sure your local starbucks would be happy to give you one for each of your gift cards that you purchase. I printed out the sleeve, cut it out, checked off all the boxes (which say: Awesome, Kind, Helpful, Smart, Loved) and wrote the teachers name on it. Then I simply taped the papers to the cups and put them in some cellophane bags with a bit of filler (though coffee beans would also be cute as a filler). I then added a thank you card to the bag and tied it up. Easy Peasy and sssooooooo much cuter than simply sticking the gift cards inside the thank you card. Ok, one project done now I better start making the candy/money leis for all the friends graduating tomorrow night. Uugghhhh. How does this always sneak up on me???


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