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Wish List

11 Jan Wish List

I find “window shopping” to be therapeutic. I can have a long day, walk through some lovely shops, and find that my frazzled nerves are calm and I am back to my conquer the world mentality. If I cannot make it in person to those stores for my “window shopping healing experience”, I will find them on the wonderful worldwide web and have the same wonderful outcome… a stress free me.

As I start this new year, some things I am focusing on are freshening up the house and freshening up me. My desire is to make a nook that is my serenity corner. A place in our home where I can journal, read, and blog. This area was my inspiration as I window shopped today and made this little wish list.

1. Glass Floor Lamp from West Elm.
2. Pink Journal. Hand Sown Wool Journal.
3. Anthropologie Candle. Mermaid No. 1 Boxed Candle.
4. Nate Berkus Triangle Throw Blanket from Target.
5. Grow Old with Me sign from Magnolia Market.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired to do some window shopping (or actual shopping!) of your own.

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