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Redecorating on the Cheap

13 Jan Redecorating on the Cheap

Last week when I put away all my Christmas decorations I decided to do something all little different from usual when it came time to put back all the “regular” decorative items throughout the house. Instead of immediately putting things back where they had been previously, I decided I needed to shake things up a bit.

I started by gathering all those items that would be going back on the bookshelves, mantels, table tops, and buffets and place them all on my dining room table. I then preceded to find them new homes.
That vase that had always gone on the living room mantel would be moving to the dining room; the three lidded glass jars that had been cozily existing on the dining room buffet would now live in the family room.

I would encourage you to try this exercise also. Far too often we simply stop seeing what we have in our homes. That framed photo of the kids has always been in the same spot on the end table, the books have always been arranged the same way on the shelves, the tchotkeys might as well be glued down for the lack of movement they’ve experienced. But when we move things around it gives us the opportunity to actually SEE them instead of simply looking at them, or more accurately, looking past them. Shifting these decorative items around breathes new life into them and into our surroundings as a whole.

I didn’t have to spend a dime yet my home feels fresh and I’m able to enjoy all of my treasures again in a new light.

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