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Right Plant, Right Place

17 Feb Right Plant, Right Place

In gardening there’s a maxim “right plant, right place”.  Meaning you need to pick the right plant for the space you have and the size you want it to be in the future.  This not only applies to our yards but also applies to our indoor plants.

If you’ve looked through any decorating or design magazine, book or blog lately you’ve no doubt noticed that everyone is in love with the fiddle leaf fig tree. I’m no exception. These trees are simply beautiful – their leaves are big, bold and stunning. They bring life to any room they’re placed in and are the perfect filler for a lonely corner.


For years I’ve had two spaces in my home that I’ve tried and tried to keep a fiddle leaf fig tree. In the first location I was simply fighting Mother Nature because there just wasn’t the proper lighting for the little thing to thrive. In the second spot I’ll admit it, I was just too lazy. By the time I would remember to water it, it was already a goner. Yet I would still go out and buy another one hoping that somehow my luck would be different with this new addition to the home.

Not too long ago I decided I needed to find an alternative since I was tired of throwing money away on these trees that never lasted. I happened to be walking through a garden/decorating shop and ran across this lovely artificial version that now lives quite happily in the corner of my master bedroom.


It looks just like the real thing and is the perfect size for the space. Not only that but it was extremely reasonable considering some of the artificial ones on the market can be outrageously priced. I’m so happy with how it looks and I love the fact that it will never mock me with dead, falling leaves.

In the dark corner that still needed something green to brighten it up I came up with a different solution. I decided to follow the rule “right plant, right place” and found a plant that would take the darker space in stride.  After wandering around my local garden center I found this beauty


It’s a Split-Leaf Philodendrun. It does well in partial shade, is a beautiful evergreen with glossy green leaves that look striking as the plant gets bigger and best of all cost only $25!

That’s definitely a win all around!

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