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Valentine’s Goodies

11 Feb Valentine’s Goodies

Today I had a meeting and decided it would be fun to bring everyone a little Valentine treat. I don’t know about you, but for me no matter how old I get I still like to receive a special little something from a friend no matter how big or small.

So yesterday morning I decided to hit Pinterest for a good shortbread cookie recipe that could be cut out. Then I decided to tinker with it a bit. I added a couple of tablespoons of lavender from my yard and scraped a vanilla bean into the dough. They were pretty darn delicious if I may so so myself. (You can find the basic recipe on TheModernManor pinterest board and then add in a bit of lavender and either vanilla extract or scrape the seeds of a vanilla bean into the dough if you have one)




The cookies looked very sweet but I decided that wasn’t good enough. I wanted to add a bit more love to them so I grabbed some cellophane bags and used Avery Design and Print Online to make some valentine business cards to use as toppers.  If you have never used Avery’s online design feature you need to immediately go and bookmark it to your computer – it will change your life!



Happy Valentine’s Week! Now go and spread some love!

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