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Garden and Gun

16 Feb Garden and Gun

I was given a copy of The Southerner’s Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life for Christmas. This lazy afternoon I finally had a chance to make a big cup of coffee and read a good chunk of it. I am a California girl through and through but this book seriously made me want to uproot and live below the Mason-Dixon line and be fantastically southern.

A few highlights from chapters I read today:

-How to make the ULTIMATE appetizer: Deviled Eggs

-How to catch a bullfrog (Seriously need to try this! Who is in with me?!)

-Lively southern expressions to say: “Grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato”

I seem to always pick up the same genre of book. This gem of gift was refreshing to read, looks cute on my coffee table and has inspired me to try new things. Each chapter is something new and fun… and the way the words read off the page is fun in itself. The editors of Garden and Gun have a way with making words enchanting. This is a perfect read for a relaxing afternoon and I now know the secrets of how to make delicious fried chicken and to die for sweet tea!

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