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The New Day of Wedding RSVPing

22 Feb The New Day of Wedding RSVPing

There a million ways to spend BIG money on a wedding and there are equally as many ways to SAVE money on a wedding. You just have to be savy and know what areas you can cut corners on.

A friend’s daughter is getting married and she is on a very limited budget… $5,000 to be exact. Many wedding gowns can easily cost that alone. Their main concern in planning this wedding is that the thriftiness they have to keep does not detract from the overall feel of the day. I reassured them that there are SO many ways to cut costs without guests feeling even noticing.

One big way is to manage guests RSVPs online.

When I got married, a friend recommended to me It is the Evite of the wedding world. It manages guests RSVP’s, allows you to put up your registry, and you are able to detail out your wedding day (directions, venue notes, maps etc).

There are several websites out there comparable to, but I liked the look and feel of the best. And it is FREE!!!

hitched up

Using an online RSVP system for your wedding saves money on postage (for me it saved around $150) and it helped me to stay organized.

In this day of technology, guests can easily log in and RSVP and not think twice about it being odd to RSVP online for a wedding. So, whether you are needing to save a few bucks or just want to be organized, check out and let us know what you think!


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