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Welcome Home……Again

07 Apr Welcome Home……Again

Well spring has officially arrived for me. I know it’s here when I get to install my new set of bees into their hive. This past Saturday that day had finally come.

I’ve had bees in the past but last fall when I went to check on them I discovered that the entire hive had succumbed to disease and was gone. It was such a sad day for me. I had done everything I knew how to care for them yet the entire colony had simply up and disappeared. Well I didn’t let that deter me. I promptly went in the house, got on the computer and ordered two packages of bees. Of course my loving kids wanted to know why in the world I was ordering two nucs of bees when the last one I had died – this from the boy who when he lost a hamster in the house went out and bought two to replace it. Ok – what can I say, this obviously runs in the family

But before my new bees came home I wanted to get everything perfect. Last time I had bees it was a whirlwind affair. I hadn’t planned on getting them but they just sort of fell into my lap, or rather they swarmed into my yard. I had always dreamed of having a beautiful copper roofed hive sitting in the backyard but instead I ended up with a boring and basic wooden hive sitting on an overturned plastic storage bin. Well no more. Right after I ordered my bees I also ordered a set of beautiful new hives and a stand for them to live on. I painted them a dreamy pale blue and set them up so that I can see them from my kitchen window.






All was set and my bees were ready for installation. Saturday morning my husband and two girls who happened to be home from college got to join me on the adventure. Of course none of them wanted to hold the package containing 20,000 bees on their lap for the drive home!

I was so excited to get suited up and get the bees introduced to their new home.


I can report that while we’re still in the early stages all is well. They haven’t abandoned me yet. My fingers are crossed that they will love their new home as much as I do.

Welcome Home my friends!

Welcome Home my friends!


  • Elizabeth Adams
    Posted at 14:06h, 16 April Reply

    Welcome, Spring and welcome to your bees! I congratulate you on making another effort with your bees. The new hives are lovely. I’m sure your queen is enjoying her stylish new home.

    I have a good friend in Oakland who also is a beekeeper. She’s shared stories with me of the joys and challenges in maintaining a hive; it’s not an easy task. Would you like me to introduce you to her?

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