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$2 Prints.

04 Sep $2 Prints.

With each new season I want to freshen up my decorating. Sometimes it means new pillows, new coffee table books, or a new display of pictures on the wall. We seriously have the best deal for you to do this little redecorating project AND for the best cause. Here is the story…

I worked with Justin a few years back at a youth camp and he is a sweetheart. Along comes Keary and they fall in love and had the sweetest wedding with the best waffle bar I have ever been apart of. I think I ate 6 waffles at their wedding. They have been in Uganda in the process of adopting the cutest little boy, Oliver, and along comes an opportunity to also adopt a young girl, June. There are many details that go along with the story, but they have to come up with the adoption fees to bring home June. It is crucial for June to come to the United States soon because she has type 1 diabetes and needs medical attention that is not available in Uganda.

Which brings me back to decorating. I know… that was a whole circle of information. They have an Etsy shop and are offering $2 prints and all money goes to their adoption fees. unnamedTwo Dollars!! It is like a win win situation where you get to shop for cute new prints AND be apart of June’s adoption. Check out their etsy shop for all available designs that they made… they have 60 of them!

Buy prints here:

See their story here:




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