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Time in the garden

22 May Time in the garden

I recently installed my vegetable gardens for this year. I LOVE going out there, walking through the plants or just sitting in my new turquoise adirondack chair reading the morning paper and enjoying the view. One of my favorite aspects of the installation are the baskets. They are amazing!! You can easily do this in your yard too and add some charm to to your space. Simply get a nice size basket from someplace like Home Goods or Cost Plus. For my baskets we put felt growing bags in them. This helps keep the soil contained in them and will hopefully keep the baskets from rotting even sooner then they might otherwise. The baskets have drip irrigation installed in them . Make sure you don’t forget this important part. You don’t want to go through all the trouble and expense of planting these and then have your beautiful plantings die from thirst.

I have six of these baskets in this area of my yard. Three of them have different varieties of citrus including a variegated pink lemonade lemon tree – ssooo cool! I love these lemons – they look great growing on the tree and they are a wonderful pink color when you cut them open. I also have two baskets with lettuce greens and one basket with potatoes. This is the perfect solution for growing potatoes since you really need to keep these contained otherwise you’ll never find all your potatoes in a traditional raised bed or veggie garden.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to try this easy project and add some wonderful english cottage charm to your own garden.


IMG_0567Rangpur Lime tree underplanted with nasturtiums


IMG_0562Lettuce greens surrounded with edible flowers and herbs

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