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flower arrangements that are outside of the box

02 Jun flower arrangements that are outside of the box

I had people coming over this weekend and had to quickly come up with something new to put on my family room coffee table as my latest orchid was on it’s last leg. One of my favorite places to get cut flowers is Trader Joe’s. If you happen to have one of these close by you MUST run, not walk, over there and get yourself some great flowers at amazing prices. Well, I ran into Trader Joe’s to see what they had and found this great pineapple plant! Isn’t it the coolest thing ever. A lot of times rather than get cut flowers for an arrangement to go in an area like this I’ll simply get an interesting potted plant of some kind. Not only is it cheaper than cut flowers, it lasts ssooooo much longer. And in this case it’s hugely more interesting than a bunch of cut sunflowers or tulips. Even a gallon pot of lavender or some mint make great arrangements. If you don’t have a pot or basket to put them in like the one pictured you can simply put the pot into a plastic bag, put all of that into a paper bag that you’ve either rolled the top down on or used pinking shears to cut a decorative top on and then tie the bag with a pretty ribbon, some raffia, twine or whatever else tickles your fancy. Put some moss in the top if you have it and voila! your done and it’ll last weeks. IMG_0660

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