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Pigging out

22 Jun Pigging out

I’ve always wanted to roast a pig. I mean, come on, who hasn’t?  A couple of weeks ago I came one step closer to my goal of digging a big pit  in my backyard, throwing in a pig and enjoying the delicious results with a tasty cocktail and some good friends.

My youngest son plays rugby and our family hosted a reunion dinner for all past/present players over the clubs 30 year history. It was a great evening but the highlight for me was definitely the pig. An alum of the local high school catered the event for us and the centerpiece of the meal was the pig that he had roasted. (if your in need of your own roasted pig and are in the San Francisco bay area check them out: It was AMAZING! And the skin…to die for, so crispy and cooked to perfection. What can I say, I’m a sucker for pig parts. Speaking of which, I was highly disappointed when someone got the ears before I did. The nerve.


Anyone know if there’s a National Pig Roast Day? I mean why not – there’s a day for everything else and what better excuse to try this myself.



Happy first day of summer!

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