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Summer Eats

18 Jul Summer Eats

The beach is my most favorite place in the world (don’t think that’s grammatically correct but let’s blame the sun and surf). I’ve done my fair share of traveling but for me nothing compares to walking on the sand with the sun setting in the background. This is truly the closest I’ll get to heaven on this earth.
Yesterday I got to spend a glorious day at the beach. Laying out, turning a nice golden brown while making my way through one of my summer books and a couple of People magazines – like you don’t read them too, no judging.
When it came time for dinner I whipped up one of my favorite summer recipes. Not only is it ridiculously easy but it just screams ‘Summer!’. I don’t even have a clever name for it, just shrimp sandwiches. When I say that, everyone in the family knows what I mean and they come running.

Heres the recipe
-thaw a bag of already cooked shrimp
-finely chop some celery
-chop some green onion
-mix those together than add
-mayo, salt and pepper to taste

Really that’s all there is to it. You can doctor it up to suit your tastes but for us, the simpler the better.

Toast some rolls or good quality hotdog buns to serve it on and your set.




I made a quick coleslaw, sliced some watermelon, opened a Mikes Hard Lemonade and went and sat by the water to enjoy.
I love summer!!


  • Marsi
    Posted at 02:31h, 18 July Reply

    Miss you girlfriend! Early birthday wishes to you! Love ya!!!!

  • Marsi
    Posted at 02:32h, 18 July Reply

    BTW…. looks yummy!

  • Elaine
    Posted at 03:56h, 18 July Reply

    Looks amazing. We’d be happy to come over and help you finish those off! 🙂

    • Stacy
      Posted at 04:57h, 18 July Reply


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