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Spring is in the air

26 Jul Spring is in the air


Well maybe springs not in the air yet but if you love the look of masses of tulips and daffodils flowering in your yard (or just covet the ones in your neighbors yard) now is the time to place your order for those bulbs. In fact, some of the most popular bulbs are already sold out! I know, your saying, ‘What?!?! It’s only the middle of summer and I have to start thinking about next spring already?!?!” Sorry, but the answer is YES! When it comes to gardening you need to be thinking a couple seasons ahead and planning accordingly. But at least this task is an enjoyable one.


So sit back with a nice cup of iced tea or a glass of wine, curl up on a comfy outdoor chair with your computer in your lap and check out some of the great websites that you can order bulbs from. A couple site I like are Van Engelen Bulbs and  Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. I just ordered 500 bulbs last week from Brent and Becky’s and should be getting them sometime in October for planting. These sites are great because they take into account your growing zone and will ship the bulbs at the appropriate time for planting. That just means come October I’ve got to be ready to get out there and get to work- or be prepared with some good bribes for the family to get them to work. I mean come on, what’s the point of having kids if not to put them to work.


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