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Long live the Sugar Cookie

12 Dec Long live the Sugar Cookie

For several years now the cupcake has reigned supreme. Not only were there cupcake shops popping up on every corner (Sprinkles is still the best by far though) but at every event you would attend cupcakes were the dessert of choice. I know I’ve made well over a thousand cupcakes over the last couple of years for every occasion imaginable.

My youngest sons nickname is ‘Ducky’ so for one of his birthdays I made these cupcakes topped with little chocolate ducks that I also made.IMG_2785

On Fourth of July this year I created these cupcakes that look like snow cones. How cute are they!!



For a crab feed at my kids school I did all the cooking and made hundreds of these snicker doodle cupcakes topped with chocolate crabs.



Every year I would come up with a creative way for my son to ask his chosen date to homecoming. Two years ago I came up with the idea of writing it out in mini cupcakes. We made the cupcakes, he carefully frosted them and then we made chocolate letters to place on each cupcake to spell out the request. Isn’t he adorable – and of course she said yes, I mean how could she say no.


IMG_4465   IMG_4468

For the same girl I created these sunflower themed cupcakes for one of her birthdays since they are her favorite flowers.



But now I’m done. I’m setting my cupcake pan aside for my cookie sheet and parchment paper. In my kitchen the decorated sugar cookie has now claimed pride of place. I know I’ll be tempted back. Who can resist the tie-dyed, cream filled, frosted, ganache topped deliciousness that a cupcake can promise. But I’m going to try and remain strong. With all the beautiful and whimsical designs that can be created on the surface of the humble sugar cookie the possibilities are endless.

For Thanksgiving this year I tried my hand at decorating them for the first time.  I found this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist. Little cookies decorated to look like individual slices of pie. Be still my heart. I ate a whole pies worth.




And for a Holiday Brunch this week I made these decorated snowflakes

                                                                     IMG_8420 IMG_8418

I see many hours spent in front of the fireplace this winter creating a Pinterest board entitled ‘Sugar Cookie Magic’. I dare you to try and resist the siren song of this little darling.



  • Lisa Riddiough
    Posted at 17:01h, 12 December Reply

    Stacy, I was wondering who made those little snowflake cookies at the party the other day. They were so delicious – in addition to being perfectly beautiful!! I love the sunflower cupcakes, too!!

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