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January Wedding

07 Jan January Wedding

I had the opportunity to be the coordinator for a wonderful bride. She was one of those girls who knew how to add the perfect touches to her wedding day to make it unique and fun. Each part of the ceremony and the reception reflected who the bride and groom are together… what makes them, them. Hardly knowing them apart from their wedding, I walked away feeling honored to be part of such a special couple’s day.

Here are some of the fun touches she added:

  • Boutonniere toss instead of a garter toss (Such a great idea! She was over the awkward garter fling but wanted something fun for the groom since she did the traditional bouquet toss. The single guys got equally as excited as they normally would for the garter, but the embarrassment of having the groom up the bride’s dress was avoided.)
  • Had a specialty coffee bar (The bride had some talented baristas come in… the ones that make the pretty foam art. AND if you know anything about VERVE coffee, you will know WHY it is the couple’s favorite and WHY their guests loved them for serving it)
  • Blankets as favors with their wedding day’s hashtag embroidered on it (Yes they had an outdoor wedding in January… Yes it was cold… but no one was complaining while snuggled in these cute blankets. )

When meeting with a bride when I am going to coordinate her wedding I want her to figure out how to make her wedding day hers. I encourage her to sit down with her fiancé and brainstorm what makes them, them. Once they have the list we can figure out creative ways as to how they can display that at their wedding. My wedding? An English bulldog was the flower girl and I had his and hers piñatas. Random, but it described us perfectly!

If your wedding is coming up OR if you have someone you know planning a wedding, encourage the bride to make the day her own. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it makes the day so much more meaningful and memorable!

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